Frontier Travel is a dynamic, innovative and flexible organisation that takes a different approach to travel management. The needs of our clients are ever changing, so we need to be the same.


While travel can be complex, our aim is to make arranging your travel as simple as possible. Our documents are simple, our processes are simple.

Offering a range of technology solutions and the buying power of Travelscene American Express, Frontier Travel can offer you quality service at the most competitive prices.


Frontier Travel is made up of a team of consultants from a variety of backgrounds. Deliberately chosen to each bring a unique skill set, our people are broadly skilled across corporate and leisure travel management. We consequently have the breadth of knowledge to tackle even the most unusual of problems.

As an example, a purely corporate consultant may not have the skills to plan a week long offsite in Bali, but a consultant who is used to organising holidays will know straight away the best places to stay and where to go (and where to avoid!).

The people at Frontier Travel are:

Inquisitive Never ones to necessarily accept the first offer, our consultants will instead use it to re-evaluate their approach and to determine if there is indeed a better way. They take nothing as given and ask questions until the best solution is found.
Highly Trained Regularly updating skills and product knowledge, our consultants have the grassroots skills they need to understand your requirements. Technology is constantly improving the way we can search and manage travel and our consultants are kept up to date to ensure we can deliver the best end product to our clients.
Specialists Deliberately chosen to each bring a unique skill set, our team is made up of people with strong corporate and leisure backgrounds. A one-off itinerary for a team meeting or conference for a corporate client can be the bread and butter for a consultant that is used to managing large tour groups.

The Director – Roland Howlett

Roland has over 10 years experience in airlines and retail travel. As a long haul pilot, he travelled extensively and understands first hand the needs of busy travellers. Spending up to 220 nights a year in hotel rooms, Roland has the experience you need.

Roland’s formal qualifications include an Honours degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor degree in Accounting.

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Our approach to corporate travel

Think differently. Frontier Travel delivers corporate travel value beyond the best fare of the day.

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Our approach to holiday travel

Experienced and personal. Let Frontier Travel help you discover your world.

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Our approach to group travel

Make group travel easy. Schools, clubs, and special interest groups – we can make it happen.

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